3D Printing Services and Workshops

ProgressTH has its own in-house personal manufacturing space. We have an Extrabot 3020 E3D 3D printer that handles 300x200x200mm builds. You can see some of the work we've done here on Thingiverse.

If you are in Thailand, we provide 3D printing services for 250 THB per hour with EMS 1-3 day shipping included for anywhere in the country. We also network with other reliable 3D printing service providers in Bangkok and can refer you to them for free.

Contact us here, or via Facebook here for more information.

  • 250 THB/Hour (minimum 250 THB if under an hour) 
  • 300 x 200 x 200 mm Builds 
  • PLA Plastic 
  • 1-3 Day EMS Shipping in Thailand Included for Projects 500 THB or more 
  • Design Services are 2,500 THB Per Day 

3D Design + 3D Printing Workshop
  • Introduction to 3D printing 
  • Introduction to 3D design with SketchUp
  • Converting 3D designs into 3D printed objects 
  • Using slicer programs (Cura
  • Uploading and downloading from 3D model warehouses (Thingiverse + SketchUp 3D Warehouse
Our 3D Design + 3D Printing Workshop is usually 3-4 hours long, taught in English and Thai, and includes membership on our Facebook support group for after-class learning and support.

Students will create and print out a 3D model in class.

990 THB for 3-4 hours (includes 3D printed model)

Other Workshops

ProgressTH offers workshops to help raise technology and design literacy. Workshops include: 
  • 3D Design (SketchUP) + 3D Printing 
  • Introduction to Arduino 
  • Project-Based Arduino Workshops 
Workshops are usually held every weekend at Home of Maker at Fortune IT Mall, Rama 9, Bangkok, Thailand.

Groups are small, usually 5-10 people, and students are free to join our Facebook groups to continue their studies, ask questions, and get support even after the workshop is over.

990 THB for 3-4 hours

Student Weekend Program

This is an ongoing program in which students can study 3D design and 3D printing, programming with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and work together on project-based lessons for 2-3 hours on Saturday or Sunday.

Science lessons from school can be included and both parents and students are encouraged to suggest project ideas. 
10-15 hours a month, 2,500 THB + Special rate for 3D printing (100 THB/hour)

Entrepreneur Program
This is for business owners and entrepreneurs developing new products or engaged in highly-customized solutions. It includes a one month fee + one month access to special rates.

2,500 THB/month + special rate for 3D printing (100 THB/hour) + special rate for design services (500 THB/day)

Contact us here, or via Facebook here for more information.

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