Bangkok Mini-Maker Faire 2017

January 24, 2017 | ProgressTH 

The 2017 Bangkok Mini-Maker Faire wrapped up last weekend. There were lots of participants and many more visitors. It was a great chance to meet and see the work of many people we only ever get to communicate with online. Some of the businesses we have heard of or even buy from online were there too.

We learned a lot from other people's projects they've been working on over the last year, as well as from thoughts and conversations with people visiting our stand. And still, while we were there both days, we didn't get a chance to check out everything going on. Hopefully we can catch up with some of the other participants now that the event is over.

We look forward to what else this year has to bring for Thailand's maker and tech community.

Check out some of our photos after the break...

The main stage at Bangkok Mini-Maker Faire. 

Our stand featured the projects we've been working on over the last year, particularly our collaboration with Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health (QSNICH) based here in Bangkok, as well as our ongoing IoT weather station project.

FabCafe Bangkok's booth resembled a small version of their actual makerspace and cafe. They had a very busy booth tending to the many children that attended the Mini-Maker Faire. They also had on display this incredible 3D printed zoetrope.

Gravitech's Home of Maker conducted workshops during the Mini-Maker Faire. The booth was packed with children and adults learning electronics, many of them for the very first time.

The 3D printed T-rex and the line up of Ultimaker printers were featured at Septillion's booth.

Amateur radio was well represented. They brought with them several impressive antenna arrays. 

 Thailand-based 3D printing company Siam RepRap brought their Delta X 200 which is much larger in person than it looks!

ThaiRobo3D is also a Thai-based 3D printing company. They have implemented OctoPrint on their printers and it was the first time we saw this in person. It has an incredible suite of features and the printers themselves are simple, sturdy, and opensource.

In2real3D is also a Thailand-based 3D printing company. This is actually who we buy our 3D printing filament from. We didn't have enough time to talk with them, but it was great to sneak a peak at their other products and spot their mascot.

There were robots everywhere, and lots of personal electric vehicles gliding around.

Chiang Mai Maker Club's was also present, showcasing a variety of projects from electronics to robotics.

This is the Vera V1 electric car made in Thailand. For a lot more photos, see their Facebook page here

There was so much more at the 2017 Bangkok Mini-Maker Faire. The organizers did an incredible job, and the people who attended all helped make the event unforgettable. We can't wait until next year, and can't wait to collaborate and work together on the many projects this year that will be featured when 2018 rolls around.

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