Smart Garden: Grow Beds

May 25, 2016 | ProgressTH We've been working on an automated rooftop smart garden. While we still work on automation (then on sensors to make the garden 'smart') we are still learning about the basics of grow beds and which kinds are most suitable for our project. 

We had two types we were using. A ferrocement variety with thin panels of steel-mesh reinforced cement lashed together using bamboo poles, and entirely bamboo beds.

Makerspaces + Education

Makerspaces already run workshops, why not a full-fledged after school or weekend program to augment and accelerate technological education in their communities? 

May 22, 2016 | ProgressTH
 Integrating technology and the skills required to use it into formal education has always been a challenge for education systems worldwide. This is because education systems are large and systemic changes require time and resources to implement which often cannot keep up with the advance of technology.

Students at Lowell High School, MA, US in an in-school makerspace.
A makerspace, on the other hand, is an independent local institution, tied to a larger, global network of makers and can easily learn about, adapt, and leverage accessible emerging technology. Makerspaces are also usually set up specifically to do workshops, it's one of the ways many spaces fund themselves.

Because of this, there are two options to consider when thinking about improving education ... at least education involving design, engineering, science, technology, and even art.