Flotation Device-Delivering Drone

January 6, 2015 Every year, there are stories of bystanders on beaches or riverbanks drowning while trying to save another beleaguered swimmer. Trained lifeguards are irreplaceable, but could there be a solution that could bring help to a drowning swimmer faster than a lifeguard, or in case there is no lifeguard at all?

Enter Project Ryptide, a system for mounting on drones designed to drop a flotation device to a drowning swimmer. Gizmag fills in the details of this interesting and promising project. The device works with drones of capable size and power, and there are multiple versions planned for different sized drones.

Lifeguards, especially in Thailand, are hard to come by on many beaches, particularly on more far flung islands and resorts. The occupation requires much training and excellent physical fitness. Not everyone can be a lifeguard, in fact, it is an elite occupation.

But drones are another matter entirely. They are increasingly present fulfilling a large number of roles from recreational flying to photography. Learning to fly one can be done in a day and if there is an attachment that can increase the chances of survival for a drowning swimmer, all the better. It would be nice if resorts included them particularly if there were no lifeguards available.

For businesses along the beach, the safety of swimmers and patrons is paramount and a device like this is a small investment to make when considering the lifesaving implications.

Again, while it is no substitute for a properly trained lifeguard, it is definitely better than untrained bystanders trying to mount a rescue, and can potentially bring help faster than even the best trained lifeguards. As drones increase in number as their costs decrease, hopefully such applications will increase in number as well.

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