Instructable of the Week - DIY Hand Light

June 24, 2014

Instructables is having a concrete casting contest that has produced a lot of inspiring ideas. I particularly like the DIY concrete letter (because I can see it being made into furniture and scaled up easily) and the DIY Concrete Nesting Tables (because it is scaled up and furniture). But the most interesting one has got to be a desk lamp in the shape of a hand holding a lightbulb. The process is simple enough - using dental alginate to make a mold of your hand and Plaster of Paris to fill the mold. There is a step where you wire up your lightbulb socket, but that isn't really necessary if you can find a bare-bones socket at the store (in Thailand even Tesco express has these).

Check out the process here, and think of ways you can adapt this to make other novelty light fixtures. You could probably build a whole business around this...