3DPI's Free Guide to 3D Printing

July 5, 2014

For those that don't know what the big deal is about 3D printing, or may not really even know what exactly 3D printing is, 3DPI (3D Printing Industry.com) is offering a free-to-download 77-page PDF document, fully illustrated and complete with a glossary to work you through both the basics and the greater details of this emerging disruptive and powerful technology.

It covers in its 8 chapters an introduction and history of 3D printing, an overview of the technology, the different printing processes used, the different printing materials, the global effect of 3D printing as well as both the benefits and values it provides. In the final chapter it gives examples of various 3D printing applications including for art, design, architecture, fashion, automobiles, aerospace, medicine, and even food. Check out their website's introduction here, which includes a link to download the PDF.